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Size and weight comparison guide

  • Letter: Greetings cards, personal letters, postcards, bills, A4 documents, certificates, magazines, CD or DVD incased, some large greeting cards
  • Small parcel: Shoes, portable speakers, mobile phones
  • Medium parcel: Gifts, shoes, grocery bag, 2 tiers cake, flower bouquet
  • Heavy: 3 tiers cake, large flower bouquet( 18” or more), 5 grocery bags

These general recommendations will help you estimate the weight of your parcel, but you’ll need to know the exact weight

  • Letter or greeting card – 30g
  • Standard DL (110mm x 220mm) envelope with 4 sheets of A4 – 44g
  • CD in bubble envelope – 130g
  • A4 envelope with 20 sheets of A4 – 160g
  • Mobile phone in bubble envelope – 180g
  • DVD in bubble envelope      – 190g
  • 400 page paperback book in bubble envelope – 310g
  • Pair of jeans – 500g
  • Glossy magazine in bubble envelope – 585g
  • Pair of trainers – 1kg