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At My Errand, the health and safety of our community remain our highest priority. We’re here to help and are committed to safely connecting our partners, couriers, errand runners and clients with essential tasks.

We recognise that while it’s important for everyone to practice social distancing right now, you still have essential errands that need to get done, like posting items and picking up deliveries or urgent shopping from your local shop. What’s more, it might be difficult or unsafe for you to leave your home. Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered with door-to-door on-demand courier and pick up services.

Having a personal concierge to run your day-to-day errands is no longer a service for the elite and powerful, today on-demand errand running services are becoming commonplace, all you need is a smartphone!

5 Reasons to use My Errand

Free Up Time

Using our errand service will allow you to be two places at once, so you’ll get twice as much done. Busy professionals usually need errand runners to take care of their personal errands, such as trips to the post office, grocery and retail shopping, laundry and dry-cleaning pick-up and drop off, and various other personal errands.

Our on-demand concierge service frees up your time so that you can focus on other things in your life. We’ll pick up, deliver, collect and send the things you need most in your life!

Services Tailored to Your Needs

The best concierge service will provide you with your own personal concierge. This becomes a proactive service by knowing your preferences and wants and anticipating what you want to accomplish. My Errand will match and connect you with appropriate runners who best fit your Errand requirements.

Quick, Efficient Multi-Mode Transportation

There are errands you can do while on foot, but that’s rare and mostly only in larger cities. Many other errands require you to drive your own vehicle or scooter.

Without your own transportation, collecting groceries or large parcels is a hassle, either because of the distance or because of the urgency. My Errand will match the right runner for the Errand, need a small parcel picking up? No Problem, we have runners with all modes of transport such as bicycles meaning you pay less than you would for an Errand fulfilled by a runner using a car.

Run An Errand in Another City

Completing an errand in another city doesn’t seem so difficult with My Errand. For example, if you reside in London, but your elderly grandmother in Southampton requires a few tasks to be completed, My Errand enables you to arrange a local concierge to complete the task on your behalf.

Concierge Services Help Businesses

Our on-demand errand services help employers and small businesses achieve their goals; enhancing productivity, remaining flexible and keeping costs down by using the services they need, when they need them – if you’re a small business who needs to adapt to fluctuations in demand, our errand runners can help plug the gaps and get your products delivered to your customer’s door.

Ready to get more done?

My Errand helps users complete their errands and supports them with their everyday to-do list on demand. Whether you need someone to, post some mail, pick up your groceries or almost anything else, our errand runners are ready and waiting to help.

To find help with a specific task, just download the app, register, enter a few details about the errand, book a time and we will match you with our local errand runners It’s that simple!